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mandalay bay las vegas shooting injury lawsuitWere you or someone you know injured at the Route 91 Harvest Festival mass shooting in Las Vegas?  If so, you may be eligible for compensation.  Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino security allowed one of their residents to bring in an alarming 23 weapons, including semiautomatic rifles, scopes, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition into his suite on the 32nd floor.  This allowed the gunman to kill almost 60 people and injuring hundreds more directly from his suite.

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las angeles casino injuriesWhat To Do After Being Injured in a Casino

Casinos usually provide adults with plenty of entertainment and excitement. Most who patronize casinos do not walk through the front door expecting to later be injured. There are a number of potential injuries that a casino patron can suffer, including:

  • A trip and fall down stairs, resulting in serious fractures or head or neck injuries
  • A slip and fall on a wet, uneven, or hazardous floor, resulting in spine, knee, or hip injuries
  • Car accident injuries in the parking lot
  • Being struck by falling or spilled objects
  • Being assaulted or injured by a rowdy or drunk patron

Do not let the casino win when it comes to your claim for compensation. If you were injured while at a casino, you can recover compensation for those injuries if you act quickly. A casino is in business to make money, so it is unlikely a casino will offer you a fair settlement and the casino injury attorneys at Morris Law Firm will fight for what you deserve.

Increase Your Chances of Recovering Compensation for a Casino Injury

In order to increase your chances of recovering full and fair compensation, take the following steps after a casino injury:

Seek medical attention.  If you need immediate medical attention, ask a manager or employee to call 911. Otherwise, make your way to a doctor’s office or urgent care center as soon as possible. Seeking medical attention not only helps document the injuries that are visible but can also detect internal injuries you may have suffered. Prompt medical diagnosis of injuries helps establish precisely when you suffered your injuries.

Document your injuries. Using a cellphone or camera phone, take pictures of your injuries as soon as you can after your injury. If your injury is severe, try and ask that emergency medical personnel either to describe or photograph your injuries. If you do not require immediate medical treatment, speak with a casino manager and file a report. Be detailed in describing how the accident occurred and what injuries you suffered.

Seek to preserve other evidence. Try and uncover the names and contact information for any witnesses to your injuries. These witnesses can include family or traveling companions, other casino patrons, and/or casino employees. If a casino employee makes an admission or apologizes, try to record this conversation on your phone. At the very least, get the name of the employee as well as anyone else who heard these statements. Video evidence from the casino can also be obtained if it is promptly requested.

Be careful in speaking with casino employees or representatives. The casino and its insurance carrier will want to speak with you. Seriously consider whether you want to do this without the advice and assistance of an attorney. Any statements you make to the casino or insurance company – even something as benign as describing how much you had to drink or that your family is prone to accidents – can later be used against you.

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