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los angeles injury entertainment lawOur entertainment lawyers at Morris Law Firm counsel clients on issues involving a wide range of media and entertainment legal matters, including intellectual property, contracts, business, and litigation. Our entertainment law expertise covers a wide spectrum of legal matters specific to you or your client’s type of work within the entertainment industry.

Our Los Angeles entertainment attorneys specialize in the following, but not limited to:

Entertainment Transactional Law

Morris Law Firm will work to protect your interest when working with another party within the entertainment industry. Our entertainment lawyers are very skilled at highlighting ambiguities and weaknesses in business agreements, legal forms and contracts. Morris Law Firm can both exploit these weaknesses and protect you from becoming a victim. If you are making any sort of deal or arrangement that involves finances or property (physical or intellectual) in the entertainment industry, you may find yourself extremely vulnerable to abuses.  In addition, our entertainment attorneys can help you negotiate the terms of a contract before you make or accept any offer.

You need to have the right legal assistance on your side! The entertainment attorneys at Morris Law Firm are more than capable and willing to fill that need.

Entertainment Breach of Contract Claims

If you feel that an entertainment related contract has been breached, Morris Law Firm’s entertainment attorneys can help. Each party of an entertainment contract agrees to either perform a certain duty or pay a certain amount. If you feel that the other party failed to act as promised, and you have fulfilled the duties under the contract, you are entitled to legal relief. A breach of contract is a failure to fulfill the duties under the contract terms.

An entertainment contract can be breached if:

  • One party does not perform as he or she promised.
  • One party does something that makes it impossible for the other party to perform the duties under the contract.
  • One party makes it clear that he or she does not intend to perform the contract duties.

Contract law can be quite complicated with lawsuit filing procedures and deadlines for breach of contract claims. Our entertainment lawyers at Morris Law Firm will help you understand your options and provide the necessary legal assistance needed to proceed with eligible breach of contract claims.

Legal Advice for Actors, Directors and Producers

Most actors, directors, and producers in the entertainment industry need to devote all their time and energy to performing, directing, and producing. Often, they do not have time to read fine print in contracts or bother with what seems to be irrelevant or minor details. Unfortunately, overlooking these small details can cause big legal issues and have devastating effects financially and career-wise.

The entertainment attorneys at Morris Law Firm will provide the legal advice you need to avoid signing away your entitlements or become vulnerable to the dangers of exploitation. Our entertainment lawyers specialize in providing sound advice and legal representation for actors, directors and producers in the entertainment industry.

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